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Establishing a new normal from the US

24 June, 2021

Martin Persson, Senior Consultant, seized an opportunity to work remotely from Washington DC in the middle of the pandemic. Read about how he remained innovative and kept moving when the world seemed to stop. 

In the midst of the global pandemic during summer 2020, I got the opportunity to move to the US, and more precisely, Washington DC. My partner was offered a job here and we decided to jump on the opportunity, despite the world being a bit upside down. Since we were working remotely anyway at Ascend, we agreed that I could bring the work with me and go fully remote, even if I would be in a different part of the world. I got full support from Ascend to try out this new setup, and here we are almost one year later! In the beginning, I was working part-time while we were figuring out how to manage this setup, but over time I have scaled up more and more, and now it almost feels like I never left.

Generally speaking, I think my situation has been quite similar to most during this pandemic; working from home, remote meetings etc. With, of course, the addition of the time difference between Sweden and the US. But my colleagues have been very accommodating, and I have been able to take most of my meetings during the Swedish afternoon. Of course, I have had a few early morning calls here, but it has worked really well in general.

The pandemic was definitely an enabler for me to work from Washington DC. I believe that we all have had to re-think how we interact and collaborate when everything is virtual. The flexibility this brings is without doubt here to stay, even if I, certainly, miss the spontaneous meetings and chats around the coffee machine that happens at the office. But most of all, I’m very thankful that Ascend has supported me in this adventure and enabled me to continue working from over here.

Martin Persson, 
Senior Consultant

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