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Three main topics of Digital Transformation

18 October, 2018

What is Digitalization - or as it also sometimes is called - Digital Transformation really? Sometimes Digitalization seems to be used to describe the same old stuff that businesses have been trying to do for decades – automating or augmenting manual labor with the help of IT systems and tools. However, in the current context, there are factors that make this area important for virtually all organizations to understand and address.

We at Ascend like to view Digital Transformation as typically involving three main topics:

  • Introduction and implementation of new technology to bring new capabilities to the organization
  • Enabling business models and/or operating models to realize financial value from the investment
  • A shift in talent and ways of working to make the organization more efficient and enable realization of value

A strong common denominator of digitalization programs and initiatives is the need of change and transformation across all these different topics and levels, from introduction of new technology (from acceptance to adoption) to leadership culture and even - at times - boardroom composition. To succeed with a digital transformation, all components are needed. Of course, the level of needed change will vary a lot depending on scope, size, and maturity of the business and whether the path forward requires “bleeding edge” disruptive innovation or more incremental improvements.

Regardless of which, digitalization and digital transformation is on virtually every small and large company’s agenda and Ascend is involved in helping several of our customers on that journey. Stay tuned the coming weeks as we will tell the story of some of the digital transformation journeys we have done together with our customers.

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