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“I was given the chance to accelerate from day one”

3 December, 2018

Before starting Accelerate my expectations were high. During the interview process, it was obvious to me that the people of Ascend loved their job. Ever since I learned that I was selected to be part of Accelerate I was eager to join the team. After a long and well-deserved summer break, I moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm and started Accelerate.

When my two fellow Accelerates and I started at Ascend in late August we were met by a warm welcome and an excited team. From day one I felt like a part of Ascend and were introduced to both the consultancy industry at large but also to the projects currently running at Ascend. All Accelerates were allocated in different project teams and our working hours were altered between participating in customer projects and being educated in all the tools needed to become a great consultant. Accelerate combines “learning by doing” and structured education with excellence and I truly feel that I have been given the chance to accelerate in my knowledge from day one.

The culture at Ascend embodies the three key values. Everything done at Ascend is done in an inclusive manner which means that regardless of seniority, you contribute. To have fun at work is truly something that is valued at Ascend and as a newcomer this is introduced immediately, as a lot of fun activities are arranged. To perform at an exceptional level is in Ascend’s DNA and at a junior level, it is indispensable to be able to learn from more experienced colleagues in order to improve quickly. At Ascend we work closely together with co-workers at all seniority levels and this truly fuels the development curve.

My high expectations on Accelerate have been met, and I am looking forward to seeing what more the program will entail, but also to my future journey at and with Ascend.

Interested in being a part of the next generation of Accelerates? Read more and apply by following the link below. 


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