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Get to Know Samuel Grauman

20 October, 2017

Samuel Grauman, Senior Manager

I have been a senior manager at Ascend since 2015, having previously worked as a management consultant for five years. I started my career as a consultant and system developer in 2000. From 2004 I spent eight years at a global pharma company, followed by a senior manager role leading a global function within IT Services, before joining Ascend. When I’m not at work, I prefer to spend a lot of time with my family. My idea of relaxation is to cook delicious food, read a good book or watch a well-made documentary.

The main reason I joined Ascend is that I believe work is about learning and growing, both professionally and personally. The other reason is that I wanted to be a part of building something new, and after several years I can confirm that I still learn new things every day from my extraordinary colleagues and together with our clients.

At Ascend I have been involved in a wide range of projects within retail, ICT, pulp, global engineering and the public sector. These projects involve optimizing organizations, improving service delivery and sales methods as well as helping clients define and implement new ways of working in multi-sourcing environments. And I get to do all of that with colleagues who are fun, inclusive and talented!

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