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Get to Know Maximilian Bonnier

21 March, 2019

Maximilian Bonnier, Senior Consultant 

My journey with Ascend started around three and a half years ago. I was at that time living in London looking for an opportunity to move back to Sweden after a couple of years abroad. During my search for a new workplace in Stockholm, I was lucky enough to stumble by Ascend's first LinkedIn job advertisement, and thank God I did.

Right from the start, I was completely sold on the idea of working for Ascend. Beyond the ability to work in different industries, ensuring that my constant thirst for knowledge is secured, I would also have the chance to build a company from a very early stage. My eagerness to join Ascend increased even further when the person who first interviewed me could probably sell anything to anyone with his fantastic storytelling skills. Who could say no to such an opportunity?  Well, I surely couldn't.

Looking at the company now and what we have established together during the past years, I cannot be happier with how Ascend has turned out to be. Everyone today still has the potential to influence or be involved in setting new structures, teams, policies, and guidelines even though we are a lot more people than when I started. The ability to mold the future together is precisely what makes this company unique. It gives us all a sense of empowerment and of belonging, which consequently leads to higher morale and productivity amongst colleagues.

I would recommend everyone who is looking for a workplace that empowers and motivates their employees to send their application to Ascend. We are always looking for new talent, and hopefully, you could be that person.

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