Get to Know Johan Agnvall

7 October, 2021

Johan Agnvall, Consultant

I started my journey at Ascend in the late spring after my three-year employment at one of the largest consultancy firms. Already on my first acquaintance with Ascend, I was amazed by the friendly and inclusive atmosphere. I got the feeling that my contributions truly matter here.

I really enjoy the consultancy life since I get to work together with, and contribute to, world-class organizations. The fulfilling sensation when helping such an organization reach a goal is super rewarding. Doing that at Ascend is even better since we support each other throughout tough decisions and ensures that excellent results are achieved.

At my previous employer, I worked as a consultant within IT and project management. This experience taught me a lot about governing large projects and their operational deliveries, which was a great start to my career. At Ascend, I get the opportunity to use these experiences in an even more rewarding and creative setting, where I, for example, engage in developing the company’s sustainability competencies and offerings. At Ascend, we are outstandingly good at involving and helping each other with our deliveries. This makes work really fun while we reach exceptional results.

In my leisure time, I enjoy learning new things and improving what I already know. For example, in periods, I push my cooking skills, which I love. Just like consultancy, it’s possible to drive an initiative, reach a goal, learn and move on – What a great life!

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