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Get to Know Emma Holm

11 April, 2019

Emma Holm, Senior Consultant

My career as a management consultant began close to 5 years before joining Ascend when I, newly graduated, started at a large management consulting firm, working primarily with IT risk management. Having the structure of a large firm was great for me early in my career, but eventually, I wanted to work for a company where my contributions really mattered. When I first encountered Ascend, the fact that it was a small company with a focus on inclusiveness was important, but I was also drawn to this seemingly fun company that didn’t take itself too seriously. Turns out we are just like that.

Shortly after joining, I was given the chance to build Ascend’s graduate program (which eventually became Ascend Accelerate). Developing Ascend Accelerate from scratch, and more recently leading and coaching the first generation of Accelerates, are two of the most fun and developing things I have done. Ascend Accelerate has exceeded all my expectations – both the number and quality of applications we receive from students, but also the engagement and involvement of everyone at Ascend. This past year, more than half the company were involved in finding our next generation Accelerates!

I believe this is what makes Ascend unique. Not only is everyone busy working on fun and complex projects with clients of all sizes. Everyone is also genuinely interested in building Ascend and making it a great place to work. Coming into our office from a client is a little like coming home. It’s definitely a place where I fill up on energy and laughter.

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