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Gearing up for growth

24 May, 2017

The client

Our client is a business unit within an international company that develops and delivers reliable solutions for electrical power transmissions, distribution and telecommunications.

Situation and challenge

Our client had a long and proud history of international business, with projects in more than 90 countries since the business started in the 1930’s. The last years had been characterized by high growth and increased complexity, with growth in headcount, establishment of new offices and branches and a broadened portfolio. 

The business unit’s new management sought to clarify the mission and a wanted position for the unit. They also wanted to set the strategic direction to enable a sustainable business at a 1 BSEK yearly turnover, with manageable risk – as a vehicle for further growth. 

Our role and how we did it

The team from Ascend facilitated the strategy development process within the business unit, working closely with the leadership team to decide on a strategic direction for the unit and to identify improvement areas enabling further growth. 

We worked iteratively with research, workshops and analysis with both the leadership team and the organization. During 12 weeks, we delivered an as-is analysis of current business and potential; a mission statement and a wanted position; a new business and market strategy; suggested strategic initiatives and an execution plan. 

Results and benefits

  • An updated and anchored 3-year strategy, based on the market and company analysis, that resulted in a clarified wanted position and strategic direction, and a plan for strategy execution.
  • Growth plans for strategic markets and market responsibilities defined to support execution of the new market strategy.
  • Strategy broken down into initiatives and activity plans, measures and responsibilities defined to secure successful execution. 

The strategy is currently implemented, with support from Ascend.

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