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Business Design by Ascend

9 March, 2018

What do we mean by Business Design?
We help organizations to design strategies to set a new direction. Regardless if it’s a corporate or business unit strategy, Ascend employs a pragmatic, inclusive and iterative approach where the client is greatly involved throughout the assignment.

Ascend refers to Business Design as #reshapethepath since it includes setting a new direction for a function or organization.


What kind of Business Design assignments do we do?
Prepare sales for future challenges
We are helping the sales function of a company in the Wood and Paper industry to set the sales strategy for 2020. The purpose is to prepare for future challenges as competitors will increase their capacity and add new volumes to the market, with price erosion as a consequence. Our sales strategy includes a new and more pragmatic way to segment and address the market. Once implemented, it will improve sales efficiency while enable sales to maintain their price levels and profit margins.

Strategy for sourcing application services
Our client in the manufacturing industry has to a large extent grown by acquisitions over the years, which has yielded a complex IT landscape with geographical and functional fragmentation. In order to become more cost efficient, while delivering with increased agility and consumer orientation, the client wanted to know how sourcing of 3rd party IT suppliers within application services can be optimized. We are helping the client to assess and visualize the current state, clarifying key drivers and wanted effects for sourcing (case for change), as well as creating a target sourcing setup and roadmap for the next three years.

Set direction for IT to enable innovation and profitability
Our customer is a large player in the fuel industry, which means they are facing decreasing demand, increasing emission regulations and a strong need to develop new business models. We are helping the IT department to align a strategic agenda with the Group strategy for 2030. IT requirements from different business units are diverging as the company covers the whole value chain from trading and production, to transportation, distribution and direct sales. The IT strategy clarifies strategic directions to make sure IT is focusing on work that supports innovation and profitability for the company in the best way. The strategic agenda also emphasizes how IT enables the company to meet overall goals for 2030 in a way that positions IT as a proactive department within the company.

What are the major success factors in Business Design assignments?
At Ascend we believe in an including approach to Business Design, as the value of a Strategy is no more than sum of people supporting it. Based upon our experience, there are generally three key success factors in Business Design:

1. Create a burning platform for change, ensuring stakeholders are aware and agree with the reasons for change

2. Get buy in of the objectives and direction ahead with key stakeholders

3. Simplify and clarify the strategy to all stakeholders to answer the key question; what’s in it for me? 

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