Objectives and Key Results inspire, align and bring focus to the organization

Are you curious about how to make your whole organization achieve greater results together?

We at Ascend believe that a clear and aligned direction and an inclusive way of working are fundamental in releasing the power of the whole team. Steering your business through OKRs invites everyone to contribute to the overall strategic targets.

Working with Objectives and Key Results means releasing the power of the full organization by letting teams set their own aspirational objectives and clear, measurable results for what they contribute to the overall direction outlined in the strategy

OKR is a goal management framework that helps companies execute their strategy by defining clear Objectives for what to achieve and the Key Results that indicate when it is done.

OKRs do not “cascade down” as in traditional top-down steering, rather they align bottom-up. This key difference is essential for understanding how this way of steering helps organizations overcome structural silos or misaligned directions. 

By applying OKR:s in your organization you establish a natural structure for joint planning that help teams and individuals direct their energy on what matters most and ultimately creates a more productive as well as sustainable work environment

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Most organizations and businesses are skilled in driving projects and activities. And to be honest, for many of us it’s very fulfilling to check a box on a to-do list

But focusing on project deliverables and our output doesn’t ensure that the company is headed in the right direction. The starting point should rather be a focus on the effects we want to achieve, the actual outcome.

The OKR framework helps you to really drive the business forward by enabling this shift in mindset from output to outcome.

“From our perspective, transparency and alignment is the core in the OKR framework. It is about making the business priorities clear and easy to understand and making sure that the whole organization works in a common direction”

Emy Haftor, Senior Manager at Ascend

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We help organizations design and implement the OKR model and ways of working, by supporting leaders and teams to combine a top-down and bottom-up approach to implementation

We have seen an immediate positive impact in organizations that have implemented OKRs. Leaders highlight the possibility to recalibrate the direction more often and to be able to focus the power of the full organization to create impact where and when it is needed.

Among the teams, the employee satisfaction level is usually higher after the implementation at the same time as motivation and personal development increases, often as a result of closer connection to the strategic agenda.

We have experienced OKR coaches capable of fitting OKRs in a larger business context or transformation. We partner with leading software developers and can offer a wide set of support ranging from inspirational workshops to full scale implementation efforts with or without software support.

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