Creating the right conditions for companies of all sizes to accelerate growth.

Ascend helps companies and investors enable long-term sustainable growth. Offering corporate finance services such as fund raising, deal sourcing and investment decisions to increase and secure the long-term company value.

A strong relationship with our clients gives us a clear understanding of their unique need for future growth.

We work to qualify and promote exceptional companies by partnering with entrepreneurs, owners and incubators in areas of growth strategy, investment readiness, capital raise, business development and investor relations.

We believe in start-ups and strong entrepreneurs. They are the driving force of our society, focusing on innovation and disruption – eager to pursue their goals. We believe in their ability to be agile and to see opportunities where others don't. Our mission is to create the right conditions for these companies to make a difference, accelerate growth and reach beyond their goals.

Jonas Nodler, Partner at Ascend

Partnering with investors and industry leaders to enable strategic matchmaking with the missing piece of their puzzle.

With our vast industry network, we strive to connect and create the right environment to enable financial growth and innovative add-ons. As part of this, we offer tailored services such as deal sourcing, opportunity assessment and portfolio synergies.

How we do it

We partner up with the stakeholders, providing advisory and hands-on work in all stages of the transaction – from initial contact to growth acceleration.

By combining high quality consulting services and industry network, we enable synergies to be explored and innovations to be developed.