What we do

We are a management consultancy focusing on business transformation.

As a management consultancy focusing on business transformation, we combine strategic and operational experience with the ability to translate strategy into hands-on plans.

We define Business Transformation as the realization of long-term business potential by reinventing the strategic direction, business model, values, culture and the organization’s fundamental purpose. 

This is much more than a change – it’s a challenge. Only three more letters, but a big difference: a more unpredictable, iterative and experimental process, entailing a much higher risk and a willingness to take on the challenge.

Business Design

We design and help organizations to implement strategies. Regardless if it’s a corporate or business unit strategy, Ascend employs a pragmatic, inclusive and iterative approach where the client is greatly involved throughout the work.

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Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution means taking important strategic, tactical and operational decisions – and putting them into action. To take the right decisions and actions, we need to understand what context your organization operates in, which is why we always include monitoring the context and situation in the execution framework and road map.

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Performance Improvement

A Performance Improvement is a focused change initiative for one or more functions in the organization, aimed at enhancing productivity and effectiveness. These initiatives are not inherently transformational, but important keys to drive evolutionary change.

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