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The purpose of the office

Right before the pandemic struck, we decided to expand our office to twice its size. The objectives of the expansion were to build a stronger foundation for us to work together, invite customers, and create a meeting point where everyone feels welcome and inspired. Little did we know that the world was about to turn upside down.

The Ascend office renovations

Hoping that the world would soon turn back up again, we went on with our expansion plans and during the summer of 2020, the renovation project began. At our disposal, we had the fantastic Christina Claughton-Wallin, Interior Designer at Limited Me. Together we developed the project around our core values – Fun, Inclusive, & Exceptional – letting them set the tone of the office we wanted to create.

In August 2020, we were (in theory) ready to move back in. But, by then, with an everyday life concerned with restrictions and new ways of working, the scope of the project had broadened. Like so many others, we developed joint digital meeting points to share knowledge and insights and our new telephone booths, meeting rooms, and digital equipment gained another role than first anticipated.

We went from a workday where we traveled between our customers’ office and our own office, to a more flexible workday with digital meetings, working from home, physically being in our office or at our customers. At Ascend, we welcome that flexibility and consider it a good means to get the puzzle of life together. Yet, the value of working together and energy from meetings in person will always remain the highest priority for us at Ascend.

Today, we are proud to say that our office can quickly be transformed from open landscapes with free seating, to workshop rooms or a nice after-work. We can’t wait to fill our place with life and noise, work together at a whiteboard and sharing insights with each other over a coffee. At Ascend, everyone is welcome to drop by for a coffee, to brainstorm ideas, or on the way home on a Friday – toasting for the upcoming weekend.

The first reaction we get from external visitors is often “Oh, I almost took off my shoes because it feels like I just entered someone’s living room”. And it is precisely that ‘home feeling’ we’ve been trying to accomplish in our office. Being Consultants, we are used to spending most of the time with and at our customers’, meaning we don’t always get to see each other in person. With that in mind, the office has always been an important meeting point and a natural go-to place to find inspiration as well as restock energy levels. Before the pandemic, Fridays were a day many of us prioritized coming into the office to meet up, work together and exchange ideas and learnings. We aim to maintain that prioritization and we strongly believe that when you are at the office, it should feel like a second home.

We look forward to welcoming you into our home again!

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Caroline Thernström Florin

Head of People & Organization

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