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Get to know Sara

At Ascend, we build the company and make our internal functions work together as a team

Get to know Sara Franklin

When and why did you join Ascend? 

After being in contact with Ascend for some time, I joined the team in January 2021. I was really impressed by the amazing culture and the competence profiles that Ascend have and felt that this is a company I really want to be part of! 

What is your previous experience? 

I have been a consultant for 8 years where I’ve primarily worked with strategic IT implementation and change projects in different industries such as retail, insurance, and manufacturing.  

What are you doing/have you been involved in at Ascend? 

Since the start in January 2021, I have been on an assignment within the mining industry where a team from Ascend has worked together with the client to establish and develop a cloud center of excellence and inter-company cloud service. It has truly been both developing and challenging, taking in many different aspects into the work done. We have worked with strategy execution, team- and competence building, financial planning and then of course actually building the cloud platform.  

At Ascend, we build the company and make our internal functions work together as a team. Internally, I have mainly been committed to work with developing one of our focus areas – business tech. Business tech is an area in constant development and understanding the area better is interesting and relevant to both us and our clients. I’m part of developing our business tech focus area because I’m driven by a curiosity to learn more about all the new technologies popping up and because I’m also passionate to inspire others to explore the business tech area. 

What do you think makes Ascend unique?  

I think that our ability to collaborate and work closely with our clients to get things done truly set Ascend apart from other companies. We both advise and also contribute to building the clients own capabilities. We have a great internal team spirit and inclusiveness that I have not seen at other companies. All ideas can be realized, and everyone want and can contribute in shaping and building the company! 

Fun fact about you: 

I have sailed 4 Gotland Runt in my “young” life 

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Sara Franklin


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