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Get to know Pontus

I consider the way we view colleagues and the trust we have in each other’s capabilities is what makes Ascend unique

Get to know Pontus Harvidsson

I joined Ascend in May this year, coming from a large consulting firm where I mainly gained experience in the business & technology integration area. Making the transition from a large firm, with much structure and clear business area paths for you as a consultant, to a smaller, warm and, in many ways, flexible firm like Ascend, has felt like a huge step in the right direction for me. Being part of growing and developing Ascend while simultaneously doing it for and at our clients connects the dots and helps me internalize my own growth and development in a way that I have not experienced earlier. 

Since I started at Ascend, I have worked with several clients and areas. For example, building a business case to enhance IT development environments, driving agile transformation, building and conducting agile trainings with my colleagues. While these are diverse areas, they feed into each other and again boosts my development and ability to see the whole picture of how organizations work and grow!

I have a strong passion for teams, being a part of a team as well as building them. I see many similarities in sports (basketball in my case) and my work as a consultant, where psychological safety and diversity in teams are invaluable. Understanding my clients, their teams and members, and making sure everyone feels safe with tools and prerequisites to delivering value is something I highly appreciate in my role as a consultant.

I consider the way we view colleagues and the trust we have in each other’s capabilities is what makes Ascend unique—understanding that we are different but with the common goal of bringing value to our clients. I have already organized internal events, such as a Bootcamp for our employees and taken part in several internal events and trainings. The transparency, communication, and openness among us bring out the best in me, and I am proud to be a part of Ascend.  

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Pontus Harvidsson

Senior Consultant

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