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Get to know Marian

I knew right away that I would be challenged, encouraged, and inspired at Ascend

Get to know Marian Saad Saour

I began my journey as a consultant a year ago, after graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University. Prior to Ascend, I worked at an IT company within its consulting division, focusing on behavioural change and helping companies achieve a more proactive sales culture. Eventually, I wanted to work at a company where I would help guide organizations throughout their business transformation journey. When I first encountered Ascend, I was drawn to the fact that it was a small company with fun people, inclusive culture, and an entrepreneurial mindset. I knew right away that I would be challenged, encouraged, and inspired at Ascend.

Shortly after joining Ascend, I was given the opportunity to help a global company develop new ways of working within Talent Management. Working as a team with both the client and colleagues has been incredibly rewarding. At Ascend, teamwork is genuinely part of our DNA. Besides working on fun and complex projects with clients of all shapes and sizes, you are also given the opportunity to explore your interests within our different business areas and functions. Currently, my interest lies in the development of our offerings within Business Agile. Contributing to the company in this way is hugely fulfilling and fun. I believe this is one of many things that make Ascend unique – everyone here is truly invested in building a thriving company, a business that oozes exceptional, inclusiveness and fun – and that I feel proud to be part of.

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Marian Saad Saour

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