A graduate program designed to give talents a fun, inclusive and exceptional start to their consulting career!

About to graduate?

Ascend Accelerate is our one-year program for graduates who want a flying start within management consulting. We are looking for exceptional individuals with an inclusive mindset. Individuals who see “fun” as a professional asset.

Are you one of them?

How it works

On-the-job experience – We believe you will grow and develop the most by working alongside your colleagues. We'll make sure you jump right into client projects together with a team from Ascend

Education and training – You will learn the key skills every consultant needs through reality-based trainings,  and lead and deliver pro-bono projects for a good cause together with your fellow Accelerates

Coaching and mentorship – Coaching, reflection, and feedback are key tools for development at Ascend. During the program, project teams and Accelerate leaders will coach you to help you grow in your role, and of course, to ensure that you're having fun!


Each fall a new generation of Accelerates join our family. The application period for each program starts in the fall of the preceding year.

Application for Accelerate 2022 is now open! Please send your resume and cover letter to

Learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about Accelerate, plug in your headphones and listen to this 3-minute podcast where two Ascendents explain more about the program.