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Ascend is always looking for new people to join our team with a few years experience within one or more of our focus areas – read more about our focus areas here. If you’re passionate about creating value for clients, working in inspiring teams and developing professionally, reach out or send us your application!

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Mentorship Program

What do management consultants really do?

Are you a student at the end of your education and curious about Management Consulting? Are you thinking about how to find your way in the jungle of opportunities after graduation? Then this mentorship program is for you!

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Application for the program is now closed.


Ascend is a mix of people with diverse professional backgrounds and know-how

We always aim to deliver exceptional results with an inclusive mindset, and we acknowledge fun as a competitive advantage. Together, we make up a team that constantly strives to improve and create impactful and sustainable change for our clients.

Our superpower is people, which is why we work constantly to ensure we have a collaborative and horizontal organization where everyone is part of developing our business. At Ascend, we value personal development and always strive to create the best possible learning environment.  

As a management consultancy focused on business transformation, we combine strategic and operational experience with the ability to translate strategy into hands-on plans. To create a learning culture in a fast-paced environment, we always strive to build high-performing teams in close collaboration with our clients and colleagues. We value team deliveries, which is why we look for people who work exceptionally well together and enjoy doing so.

We believe we can succeed if we’re driven by passion for what we do and how we do it. This is why we’ve built our business on 3 dimensions: What we do, what the market needs and what we’re passionate about. We aim to inspire change for both ourselves and our clients and we do it by pushing boundaries, delivering exceptional results and having fun.

As a consultant, you’ll be an integral part of a movement where we fuel each other with ideas, expertise and energy, often leading to life-long personal relationships. Our people are highly committed to Ascend and to growing the company together. As a result, we prioritize spending time together, both in and outside the office. This ensures better client deliveries and helps create the Ascend feeling.

Ascend Accelerate is our program for graduates

Ascend Accelerate is our initiative to grow our team with exceptional graduates. As an Accelerate, during the year, you’ll be offered the best conditions to develop as a consultant and entrepreneur. You’ll also be a vital part of helping create client value and developing Ascend internally. 

Our Accelerate program is built on 3 pillars to ensure a stable learning curve and development:                                         

Ascend is part of the Knowit group and being part of the Ascend graduate program will include contributing and developing Ascend’s role in the Knowit context and the expanded ecosystem and the opportunities that comes with this.

Apply to kick-start your career!

Deadline 8th of November.

Ascend Mentorship program introduces you to Management Consulting

What do Management Consultants really do? 

Figuring out what to do after your studies can be overwhelming as there is a jungle of opportunities out there! Truly grasping the everyday life of a profession is hard to do from books and university events. Especially for an occupation like Management Consulting, where every day looks different from the one before.  

We created Ascend’s Mentorship Program to help students get good insights into the life of a Management Consultant, while at the same time exploring their own individual driving forces and plans (and maybe some fears) for the future. 

A group of students are admitted to the program, of which each is paired with a mentor. As a student, you set up tailored 1:1 coaching sessions with your mentor – based on your needs. Together with your mentor, you decide what topics to explore and focus on. These topics vary depending on your needs and can include everything from interview training and case practice to reflecting on future dreams and current challenges. No matter the subject, mentor coaching revolves around you getting to know yourself better, your driving forces, and hopefully clarifying your thoughts around the future.   

In addition to 1:1 coaching, the program includes group sessions with the other students. During these sessions, different experts from Ascend provide real-life cases and exercises to train for and reflect on, diving into topics such as Problem Solving and Stakeholder Management. We use a combination of theory, group exercises, (live) stakeholder management, feedback, and reflection. An emphasis on group exercises in combination with feedback and reflection will not only give you hands-on insights into Management Consulting, but will further provide you with tools to communicate and act in different group dynamics. The final session ends with a group case you solve with the other students. The group sessions take place at our office in Stockholm and are highly interactive and, we dare say, FUN. 

Who can apply for Ascend Mentorship Program?  

The program is for Master students who are curious to learn more about themselves, Management Consulting and about Ascend. The application for the program opens in mid-November. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get notified! 

Ascend’s Mentorship Program is an incredibly good opportunity to learn more about the profession, as well as to try out some scenarios that a consultant may face. In addition, it is very inspiring and fun to meet several consultants and talk about the profession, which I think is the best way to get a picture of consulting and whether it is something you would like to work with yourself in the future. 

Disa Holm, Student at Uppsala University 

I learned plenty! A broader understanding of the consulting industry. The courage to reflect together in a group. The quality of getting to know oneself and others in a group. Interesting insights from my mentor, others at Ascend, and participants from the program. 

Larin Taofik, Student at Stockholm School of Economics

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