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Working here will probably be far from ”business as usual”. But it’s our way of doing things, and since it inspires us and our clients, we think you will be inspired too.

From the moment you set foot in our door, you will be a vital part in transforming our clients’ businesses. You will be expected to improve every day, but you won’t do it alone. You will be surrounded and supported by some of the best and brightest people you have ever worked with.

Learning from each other

At Ascend, we value personal development and always strive to give each other the best possible conditions to learn.

Twice a year we take a deep dive into our services and methodology. The whole company goes away on a ”bootcamp” to learn new theories, reflect and learn through role-play.

Social events on our scorecard

We prioritize spending time together both at the office and outside, which is why social events per year is a KPI we closely follow.

We do sports activities like ski trips, running races and ice skating tours. Playing connoisseurs, we have covered the full spectrum from wine tastings to pub crawls. We also meet up for breakfast at our office on Friday mornings to get updated on ongoing projects, new assignments and upcoming company internal activities. And of course to see each other at the end of a week that is normally spent out at different clients, often in different countries or different parts of Sweden.

Are you fun, inclusive and exceptional? Come join us!

We are looking for management consultants at all levels. If you are passionate about creating client value, working in teams, developing organizations and always strive to improve – then you’re the kind of talent that we need.

To apply, please send in your CV and a brief cover letter (in Swedish or English). We will review applications continuously. By sending us your application you agree to Ascend saving your personal information for contacting purposes. 

If you are about to graduate, please see the section below.

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Ascend has created something really exciting. You have successfully established a management consultancy that stands out from the rest, with consultants who are vibrant, humble and adds something new to a traditional industry. Your strength lays in the core values your company represent. Continue on the same path, what you have done is impressive.

Niklas Delmar, 4Potentials 

Interested in a consulting internship?

The application period for our spring internship has passed. Keep your eyes open for the next opportunity!


About to graduate?

Ascend Accelerate is our program for graduates who want a flying start within management consulting.

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Get to know each other

It’s important that you get to know the culture and people you will work with. We make sure that different people from Ascend meet you at least three times during the recruitment process, in formal interviews as well as a more casual lunch or breakfast.


Try working together

Our case interview is based on real projects and we believe this gives you valuable insights into what it’s like to work at Ascend.

We always make sure that you get feedback and learn from it, regardless of the result of the process.


Our offer to ​You

As a consultant at Ascend you’re not just recruited to excel in our engagements, but to play a vital part in making Ascend into what it is and what it will become.

We value the ability to build for the future more than the knowledge of how things were done in the past.


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