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We work together in Sales!

19 October, 2017

At Ascend, we are always developing new approaches to working together. The aim with our collaborative approach is twofold: to attract and retain the most talented people and to establish and strengthen our position as a trusted advisor with our clients.

One of the most important aspects in being successful is, of course, gaining new clients and winning projects. Unlike many traditional management consultancies, we believe gaining new clients and winning projects are best achieved when working together in a team, combining different experiences and insights. When selling, we always work together as a team, starting off by addressing the client’s situation and needs before discussing potential solutions.

When driving sales, we always have a genuine interest in the customer’s challenges and ensure that we have the capabilities and experiences in the sales team to also deliver the project. This ensures contingency throughout the sales process to the delivery of the project.

To identify and capitalize on a sales opportunity takes time – often months or even years. We don’t believe in just identifying a problem and proposing a price for the potential project without investing time to understand the client’s specific circumstances and challenges. This investment requires a collaborative approach, making time to discuss and debate, meeting with the customer several times to establish a detailed understanding of the situation and also giving the client an opportunity to establish a relationship with the team that would deliver the project.

This is why we don’t have any lone wolves out there doing cold selling; instead we combine forces and team up around a client’s challenge that could lead to a new exciting project for us.

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