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Get to Know Thomas Anjou

28 June, 2017

Thomas Anjou, Senior Manager

A week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, advising senior managers at a high-tech company about how to improve sales in the Asian market; another week in Copenhagen, helping a client to detect terrorism financing and money laundering. Being exposed to different problems and challenges and being forced to think, learn and act fast is what attracts me most to working at Ascend Consulting. Even though we are currently small, we have been able to attract interesting clients and challenging assignments. I am just 2 years into this exciting journey and I have already been exposed to 6 different customers from 6 different industries, and yes - all of them have been very different assignments. At Ascend we have set out to make a difference to our customers and we have been fortunate to be in a position to select our assignments and make sure that we are able to both provide value to our customers and expose our co-workers to interesting challenges. Being exclusive and fighting for high profile assignments means that you, as a consultant at Ascend, will be constantly expected to provide solutions to issues on the top management’s agenda, irrespective of the industry. It is the satisfaction of providing a great solution to important problems and challenges that units the team at Ascend.

After several years in general management within ICT, I got an offer to join the start-up Ascend two years ago. A very ambitious management team was one of the key attractions. As I was used to selling and managing people in an international environment, I felt experienced enough to take on the challenge. As a senior manager at Ascend I have had the chance to use my full range of skills, including my international experience, my network from my MBA and even my acting classes (taken years ago). I know that each day will be different, that I will work alongside a diverse team with a wide range of complementary experience and knowledge, that I will be challenged, but above all, that I will be learning and growing day-by-day.

Waking up and going to work in the morning puts a smile on my face. 

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