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Success factors when establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence

22 April, 2021

The journey to the cloud can be a complex manoeuvre with many capabilities involved, which requires continuous alignment with the cloud strategy and different business needs. Establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence is an initiative to optimize cloud management and performance and serves as an organizational hub for enabling value from the cloud adoption.

It is important to be aware that, according to recent studies, 70% of the change related to cloud migration is non-technical. This means that an organization’s journey to the cloud includes transforming several aspects of the business. Accordingly, a Cloud Center of Excellence needs to have both technical and non-technical areas to support and drive the cloud-enabled transformation.

In our experience, to succeed with establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) that serves its purpose, we recognize the following success factors:

  • Forming the best suitable team - The CCoE team will be driving the CCoE implementation. Therefore, the team members should come from various disciplines and preferably be anchored in different parts of the organization. It is also crucial that the team members allocate enough time for the CCoE work and make it a priority.

    Having the right focus - Dependent on your organization’s current state, we consider it vital to narrow down the scope of the CCoE to establish a quick delivery. It will likely not be possible to solve everything up-front, and the role of the CCoE will evolve as the organization matures in the cloud journey. Therefore, it is better to deliver fast, continuously iterate and scale up the scope gradually. As the scope of the CCoE develops, ensure that the focus is continually aligned with the priorities and direction of the business and cloud strategy.

  • Involving the business - In larger organizations, different parts of the organization will likely have reached different levels of cloud maturity. Local usage of cloud might have been developed as a result. An essential job for the CCoE team will be to acknowledge and learn from the decentralized solutions already ongoing. We consider this crucial to create a service that delivers actual value to the business and enables the business agenda. This should always be the goal and foundation for any CCoE.

  • Ensuring leadership and business support - We believe it is essential to have leadership support where the leaders understand the importance of the CCoE in the cloud transformation and promote the work to the rest of the business. It is also vital to drive initiatives to build business support and trust to avoid the business developing decentralized cloud capabilities not aligned with the CCoE priorities.

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Sara Franklin & Emma Berg

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