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Reflections after joining Ascend

3 April, 2018

Looking for a fun, challenging and value-driven place to work? My name is Wilhelm Samuelsson and I joined the Ascend family as a consultant early in 2018. I have been reflecting on my time with Ascend and I have concluded that Ascend stands out from the crowd as an employer in three different ways.

Firstly, all employees, not only the partners, genuinely care about Ascend and take an active part in building the firm. For me, it is a privilege to be able to be part of building a firm together with highly skilled and motivating colleagues.

Secondly, at Ascend we view our clients as "friends that we help". Having this mindset embedded in the culture means that we always go that extra mile. It also means that we build strong client relationships where we establish a creative working process and inject a sense of fun throughout our engagements.

Finally, Ascend is a truly flat organization. We welcome all opinions and ideas regardless of seniority or years of experience. We solve problems together and discuss and challenge each other’s viewpoints until we have the best solution given the nature of the challenge. Through this collaborative and challenging approach, we ensure that we always deliver value to our clients and that we inspire each other to learn and develop continuously.        

Sound like fun? Join us and Ascend with us!

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