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Get to Know Malin Knave

6 February, 2017

Malin Knave, Partner and Co-founder

When we decided to start Ascend, we were clear from the beginning about our core principles on how we would like our company to be. We might not deliver our projects and assignments in a totally different way than other consultancies, but as individuals we have a unique and common view on how we act and collaborate with our clients. Everyone at Ascend, regardless of seniority, is contributing to build and grow the company – because we know that an inclusive culture will also create commitment and engagement among the employees. 

My primary focus is within sales and marketing where I am supporting our clients to maximize the effect of the sales and marketing activities. Typical assignments are to categorize and segment the customers, define and implement a new sales strategy or develop a hands-on sales process for the sales force to have a common method when approaching new and existing customers.

Working at Ascend means that I get challenged every day by my brilliant colleagues. And having fun while doing it makes it even better.

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