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Looking back at 2017 - Did we have any fun?

19 December, 2017

The year of 2017, the third year since Ascend was founded, is coming to an end. It has been another great year full of exciting new projects and events.

At Ascend we encourage our people and clients to reflect as a tool for learning and developing. Looking back at both achievements and failures can provide you with new energy and excellent insights into the journey ahead.

With the close of the year, we have asked some of our colleagues what the most fun moment or period during 2017 was.

"While having fun and enjoying the everyday consulting projects is important, the most fun I had in 2017 was definitely our ski trip to Åre. I cherish the events we do together at Ascend, when I get to spend time with all of my colleagues, not just those involved in the same projects as me. Skiing together is probably one of the best team-building activities you can do, and honestly, Ascend excels at it."

// Stefan Lundman, Senior Consultant

"For me, the most fun has been Ascend’s two boot camps, when we all got together and collaborated to build our company. During our boot camps, we create a learning experience within a functional area like sales or strategy execution. I had the privilege to plan and execute the boot camp this fall with a focus on High Performing Teams, which was tremendous, and of course, a lot of fun."

// Daniel Töcksberg, Senior Consultant

"The most fun moment was to finally get loads of credit from the client for what the team had achieved after a long and tough spring. The team was initially taking small baby steps – and now they are up and running and considered the go-to team to get things done with quality."

// Thomas Anjou, Senior Manager

"I have a great time in my project right now. A new colleague, Daniel Alm, just joined my team and he adds new perspectives to the problems on the table as well as great spirit to our work. I love working for a company that attracts great people!"

// Emy Haftor, Manager

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