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Get to Know Johan Åström

9 February, 2017

Johan Åström, Partner and Co-founder

I have spent around 15 years as a management consultant and 10 years as a leader in a global organization. During this time, I have realized that all good work is the result of the relationships you build and the mutual trust you establish. It’s about working with brilliant, dedicated and genuine people in a high-performing team. I am inspired every day by our people, our clients and the learning I benefit from working alongside them.

Ascend for me is about the people we work with and about sharing. Sharing know-how in a specific engagement with a client, or learning new things. You can often apply what you have learned in one discipline across to another discipline or industry for breakthrough results and that really rocks my boat. Ascend is like my second family and I feel privileged and humbled to be part of it.

I spend a lot of my time building strategies with clients, specifically focusing on the IT and sourcing/purchasing functions. I also typically work with operating models, definition/optimization for these functions. Right now, I am working on formulating an IT strategy for a fast-growing retail company and finalizing a large multi-vendor sourcing arrangement for a public-sector client.

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