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Get to know our spring interns Sara and Emelie

11 June, 2019

We have interviewed our two brilliant interns Sara and Emelie who both have been a part of our team this spring. Read more about their experience and what they have learned these past months.

Why did you apply to our management consulting internship?

  • Sara: I was looking for a new challenge where I would get the opportunity to practice what I have studied in school. Management consulting has always been on my mind, so when I came across the ad for Ascend’s internship I immediately decided to apply. What made me curious about Ascend was the fact that it is a small firm working in a wide range of industries. I also found the company values Fun, Inclusive and Exceptional intriguing and felt that this was a company I really wanted to get to know better.

  • Emelie: Just like Sara, I wanted to explore management consulting and experience firsthand what it is like to work as a member of a consulting team. The internship was a great opportunity to gain work experience and develop my business sense while still pursuing my master’s degree. Also, my decision to apply was based on a wish to better get to know Ascend and the people working there

What was your first impression of Ascend?

  • Emelie: Ascend had caught my attention being a fairly young company with an impressive growth rate and a unique set of company values; Fun, Inclusive and Exceptional. These values reflect the way Ascend solve problems by creating a fun, inclusive and dynamic environment which enables you to thrive. This was clear to me even after my first interviews. I walked out of the office, impressed by the talented people who I had met, and realized that I had a surprisingly fun time for a job interview. Already at that point, I felt welcomed.

  • Sara: One of the most impressive things about Ascend is the organizational culture and the fact that the company values really permeates the entire company in a natural way. What struck me most during my interviews was that everyone is very welcoming and inclusive and that there is a warm feeling when entering the office. I felt a genuine interest from the ones I met which made me comfortable in what otherwise can be described as a rather pressed situation. Apart from the overall feeling of all Ascendants, I realized early on that everyone seems to love their job and is engaged in the performance and development of the company. This is very inspiring to me and represents an environment in which I would like to work.

What have you been doing during the internship?

  • Emelie: During my internship at Ascend I’ve been involved in several projects, both external and internal. My work has included everything from conducting research and putting together presentation material to planning and implementing workshops and client meetings involving people in different parts of the world. I’ve worked with marketing, sales strategy, internal processes in large business transformations and business models for startups. As for my internal engagements I’ve been involved in mainly the sales work, where I’ve put together presentations for potential projects.

  • Sara: I agree on everything Emelie described, I have also gotten the opportunity of doing many different things. It has involved everything from contributing in the sales process of potential projects to pursuing a project from start to end, but also participating in various parts of long going projects. I have also been involved in the internal work of building the company, and in particular in Ascend’s marketing group. The variety in the work I have done is one of the most fun things about my internship.

What have you learned?

  • Sara: I have learned a lot! Evidently a lot about what it means to work as a management consultant – that it involves a lot of variety in work tasks and regularly getting deep insights into new industries. As a management consultant, you also develop and learn new things constantly, which allows you to continuously become better at what you do. I have also got deeper knowledge in researching, analyzing, and drawing conclusions, as well as in business overall. One additional and important insight that I have realized is that it is possible to have a lot of fun at work!

  • Emelie: Looking back at where I was only three months ago, I can safely say that the internship at Ascend has been an incredible growth experience. Being able to work closely with experienced consultants and partners of the firm has given me valuable insights in my various engagements and projects, leading to impact and rewarding results. I’ve been trusted to lead client meetings and to take the lead in key areas of projects, and I’ve been given all the coaching needed to step up my role. I’ve learned a lot about different industries, strategy development, about my own strengths and weaknesses and that Ascend is a wonderful place to work. 

To conclude, do you have any other remarks concerning your internship?

  • Emelie: My internship at Ascend truly exceeded my expectations. I got very close with the people I worked with and was delivering and presenting results directly to the client. I had regular personalized conversations with my manager to ensure that I was assigned engagements that were a good fit for me and my interests, mentorship through the “buddy system” of former interns and current consultants as well as kick-offs and AWs to start my integration into the office. The internship at Ascend offered a great opportunity to work on unique projects with exceptional and inclusive individuals, and most importantly, I had a lot of fun!

  • Sara: Ascend is a really great company that pushes its employees towards development through new challenges. Everyone’s opinion is valued equally which in my case allowed me as an intern to be responsible for the delivery of specific parts in a project. So, if you are interested in a firm where you can make your voice heard and get an appreciation for the work you do, you should definitely consider Ascend as your next employer.
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