Get to Know Hugo Oftedal

3 February, 2017

Hugo Oftedal, Consultant

Work is a place where you are constantly encouraged to develop yourself and the company as a whole. There is no rigid corporate structure hanging over everyone’s head, what is demanded of you is not dependent on your title but your overall skills. But above all, I always feel energized when I walk into the office, be it a Monday morning or a Thursday afternoon. We always deliver, and we have fun doing it! 

One great aspect about working at Ascend is that I get to work with a wide range of projects. Since I started, only four months ago, I have been working on a sales transformation project, an IT transformation project, as well as continuously working with identifying new and exciting projects for Ascend. 

​Lately in my current project I have been taking on additional responsibilities, learning more and more each day about the characteristics of a global IT organization and how to support and drive change in such a massive organization.

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