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How we do Business Transformation @ Ascend!

1 March, 2018

Ascend was founded in 2014, with the ambition to be a leading management consultancy in business transformation in the Nordics. Until today we have supported more than 50+ clients in over 150+ assignments, across a wide range of industries and areas.

We want to make Business Transformation valuable, fun and engaging. Therefore, we strongly emphasize the realization of long-term business potential by reinventing the strategic direction, business model, values, culture and the organization’s fundamental purpose. The key to success lies in the realization; going from an initial idea to an actual change in direction, ways of working and related behaviors.

We deliver Business Transformation in different ways based on the need and challenge of our clients. In general we have three different offerings:

  • Business Design
  • Strategy Execution
  • Performance Improvement

Business Design

The first step in helping any company to better meet its challenges is to design a strategy aligned with the organization’s ability to execute it. By Business Design we #reshapethepath via designing a strategy and prepare the organization for the forthcoming transformation.

How do we do it? Regardless if it’s a corporate or business unit strategy, Ascend employs a pragmatic, inclusive and iterative approach where the client is greatly involved throughout the work.

Strategy Execution

The value of a Strategy is the sum of the support of the people and their ability to implement it. Strategy Execution means making important strategic, tactical and operational decisions – and putting them into action.

By Strategy Execution, we help our clients to make it happen and make it stick, or as we would like to put it; #transformtoperform.

How do we do it? We work with strategic choices and targets to identify capability gaps and take actions. In our approach we emphasize on the directional activities in early stages and building capabilities in later stages of the execution.

Performance Improvement

By Performance Improvement we seek to get the most out of existing assets and organization, as in #gettheedge to increase margins or reduce costs.

A Performance Improvement is a focused change initiative for one or more functions in the organization, aimed at enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

How do we do it? We apply a pragmatic and hands-on approach, based upon the challenge and capability of the organization, to ensure that we achieve results effectively and efficiently.

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