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How to build a strong employer brand in five years

7 May, 2019

In 2014 the journey of Ascend Consulting started. Since then, our company has gained recognition for the work we do together with our clients but also for the people on our team. Last year we were ranked as one of the top companies in the 4Potentials Best Talent Company Index list, which measures how well a company attracts, recruits and retains talent. To receive this recognition was fantastic, and for us, it meant that our work with employer branding is appreciated.

How have we then managed to build a recognized and awarded employer brand in only five years? What is it that we do, that in a short amount of time has given us the reputation as an attractive employer with a strong company culture? We have focused on three simple things.

1. At Ascend we focus on how we do things, rather than what we do. Of course, we are aware of the fact that to attract the most talented people, which clients we have and what projects we do are central. However, we do believe that how we deliver is what makes us special. It’s challenging to communicate how we work, as it’s strongly related to a feeling created by the people working at Ascend. However, what we see as crucial ingredients for a strong how is that the employees are enjoying their working environment, feel challenged and receive personal development by engaging with colleagues, but also by being involved in the evolvement of Ascend. We are sure that by focusing on how we work rather than what when we do when we communicate about our firm is what attracts the most suitable employees.

2. It is important to build a story around your brand. At Ascend, we have based our story on three core values, which are fun, inclusive and exceptional.

  • Fun is not only a measure of how much we laugh at the office, but it also puts emphasis on how we always want to inject positive energy into every project.
  • We are inclusive when we share insights and expertise among each other. In weekly breakfast meetings, we update each other on the projects we currently are working on, as well as inform and include everyone in the internal work of building Ascend.
  • Exceptional is how the best results are delivered by the best people, and how we work together to solve problems and find new paths forward.

When building the story around your brand based on core values, it’s important that these values are more than just words. Our core values become more than words the moment we laugh together at lunch, ask each other for help and work together as a team to reach the results we want.

3. When spreading recognition about Ascend, we see word of mouth as the best source. We use our own knowledge, stories, and insights in our communication. It is important that all are included in spreading the word about how we work and what we do at Ascend. Furthermore, we use different digital channels to inform and communicate about Ascend and what recruits we are seeking. By using LinkedIn, Instagram and the Ascend web page we tell our story. We have identified that we attract the most suitable talents based on our reputation, which makes it important to communicate about our firm in different channels, both digital and in our own networks.

Working with your employer brand requires attention and the way your company brand is communicated needs to be attached to the overall strategy. At Ascend we discuss this frequently and our work with building our employer brand is a continuous process.

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