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Get to Know Rebecca Grünberger

17 January, 2019

Rebecca Grünberger, Junior Consultant

To be part of Ascend is truly the best way possible to start a career within management consulting. I began my journey at Ascend as an intern during fall 2017, which made me curious about what a career within consulting would mean to me. After graduating from KTH with an M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management, I joined Ascend in August 2018 as part of the first generation of Ascend Accelerate.

For me, the most important part of a workplace is the possibility to develop every day. Development, both personal and professional, was my greatest concern when graduating since university delivers development on a silver plate every day. My fear was to end up somewhere where my development was a bonus, not a priority. However, the opposite is true for Ascend and this was what made me start my career here. Now, I am expected to challenge myself every day. We work in teams, which is of great value since I get to work closely with senior colleagues who care about my development as much as I do. Therefore, I believe Ascend is the greatest place to start as a management consultant.

In order to keep my restlessness down, management consulting suits me well. Everything happens so rapidly, and I never know what my day will look like in advance. I am curious to see what my first years as a management consultant will bring me!

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