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Get to Know Martin Persson

14 May, 2020

Martin Persson, Senior Consultant

I joined Ascend as a Senior Consultant during the second half of 2019 after having spent four years since graduating at a large consulting company. What struck me already the first time I entered the door at Ascend was the welcoming atmosphere and strong team spirit. I can truly say that I’m being inspired and challenged by my colleagues every day.

During my years in consulting, I have worked with a wide range of topics and customers, from telecom to manufacturing to infrastructure. But it has always circled around how to optimize the organizational abilities to best deliver and serve customers. That’s why I immediately fell for Ascend’s take on business transformation and how to create lasting change in organizations. With Ascend I get to deep dive into our customers’ abilities and challenges and do hands-on work, working closely knitted in partnership with the customer. The caricature of a consultant is someone delivering a presentation and then disappearing, but that is the very opposite of what we are doing at Ascend.

As Ascend is a small company, you are always at the heart of things. I think this is the biggest change for me, having only worked for and at large companies before. Everyone is really engaged in the company and you immediately become one with the team. For me this is a very inspiring way of working and significant for how we deliver our projects. We also have fun together and like to hang out. That’s what I call a five-star working place!

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