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Get to Know Erik Zachrisson

14 October, 2019

Erik Zachrisson, Accelerate

It has now been more than a month since I joined the second generation of Ascend Accelerate. After this year’s summer, I packed my bags and moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm, eager to start my first “real” job. Quite frankly, I wasn’t nervous about my first day as I had already met my colleagues several times through fun events before I even started! This is a part of Ascend’s culture and core values, being inclusive and having fun. I knew that I had found the right place to kickstart my career.

So what have I been up to my first weeks? At Ascend, we believe in learning by doing, which suits me well and from my second week, I was already helping a client. As we are a small, growing consultancy we are also expected to help building the company, whether it be within Finance, HR or how to retain and share our knowledge internally. On top of this, us Accelerates have trainings together with more senior consultants where we learn all the necessary tools in our journey towards becoming exceptional consultants. We also make sure to meet regularly to share and reflect about our new experiences, creating a relaxed forum to help each other develop further. This mix of activities makes every week exciting, challenging and fun!

If you’re about to graduate and are dreaming of having a fun career as a management consultant, don’t hesitate to apply for our third generation of Ascend Accelerate before the end of the year.

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