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Get to Know Daniel Töcksberg

10 January, 2019

Daniel Töcksberg, Senior Consultant

When I first started my studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, I knew only one thing about my future career: I did not want to be like everyone else and become a management consultant. Well, I was wrong. Today, four and a half years later I understand and value the challenging and flexible environment that the management consultancy career path offers.

But for me, the real game changer was when I joined Ascend two and a half years ago, and I instantly knew I had found a true match. Our values, Fun, Inclusive and Exceptional, is something that has come to mean more than words and is something that each Ascendants embodies every single day. To me, our values are truly meaningful, and with that in mind – here's what they mean to me:

For me, FUN, is more than just playing kazoo on one of our many get-togethers or surprise a colleague in a Skype-meeting by entering the meeting room dressed as a giraffe (true story!). For me, fun is about using the energy created between people to become more innovative, become more engaged and in the end create better results.

INCLUSIVE means to do things together, and make sure that all ideas are scrutinized, whether you are an intern or a partner. My best examples of inclusiveness at Ascend are our Family Day, where we make sure to involve our loved ones in meeting our colleagues, and how we have a communication channel in Teams for everything, even “Local food” where we share highs and lows in all food-related matters.

Finally, EXCEPTIONAL, which is the talent and competence present in all Ascendants and that enables us to deliver great value to our customers. For me, working with like-minded, but far smarter people is a guarantee for development that makes every day at Ascend unique and valuable.

I look forward to many more years at Ascend and I know now that I made the right choice when I became a management consultant. However, if I were to give an advice to any young talented student, I would recommend focusing on finding the right management consultancy rather than focusing on becoming a management consultant.

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