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Get to Know Annou Bergfelt

30 April, 2019

Annou Bergfelt, Senior Consultant

After a number of years working within the banking and finance industry, I decided to broaden my scope, starting as a consultant at Ascend. I enjoy ”hands-on” work in close collaboration with our clients, as this is the key to successful results. In my time off I love to travel, and I also enjoy outdoor sports such as skiing and running.

A key feature of Ascend is that we always deliver and work in teams, which I consider to be very important. The fact that the teams consist of both junior and senior staff adds a great deal of value. Regardless of your level of experience, you are encouraged to present new ideas, and this open and inclusive culture helps Ascend to deliver results beyond expectations. 

Since joining Ascend I have been involved in projects in a variety of fields, including telecom and insurance. I have worked together with top management in a global organization to implement decision-making processes and sales optimization. I am also involved in our marketing team where I focus on positioning and branding, and our culture and values team where we create and develop our core values. Are you up for a challenging and inspiring job? Ascend with us!

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