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Get to Know Anna Westling

30 January, 2019

Anna Westling, Senior Consultant

When I graduated from Stockholm School of Economics, I was keen to go out to explore the real world at a real company. After some time at a large, global corporation I saw that the real world was full of things that could be improved and done in a different, more efficient way. Due to all the short deadlines and all the operational tasks to be done, there was however never really time for the re-thinking needed to realize this potential. When this became clear is when I decided to become a management consultant and to dedicate my time to change things to the better for companies and thereby for the employees working for them.

Since then, I have been focusing mainly on large transformation and implementation projects. These projects are typically quite long, impact many parts of the company, are complex and they are definitely not fun every day. But transformation and change take time and are not delivered in a PowerPoint presentation. The satisfaction, both for me personally and for the customer, when we can close the project and say that we made it, is also huge. I really value the power of following through and working closely together with the customer, to secure a result that is future-proof and that we all can be proud of.  

When I was about to change jobs about three years ago, I pinpointed Ascend. I was looking for a small, growing consultancy that wanted to do things a bit differently than the others and where you could be a big part of building the kind of company that you want to work for. And when you have 40 fun, inclusive and exceptional people doing just that, you end up with a great company. One of the most powerful of Ascend’s strengths is that if something does not work well, we bring it up, and then we change it.

We are always looking for more great people to join us in this work. Are you ready to Ascend with us?

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