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Best of 2017 - What was most exciting in 2017?

26 December, 2017

During 2017 we had the privilege to deliver more than 40 assignments with 26 clients. At Ascend, we strive to deliver value to our clients in challenging situations and environments.

As the year is coming to an end, we asked some of our colleagues what the most exciting moments were during 2017.

“One of my most exciting projects in 2017 was initiated in January. I worked with Odd Molly to develop their IT Strategy with the ambition to support future growth. 

It was a short and intense project that put a lot of pressure on Odd Molly and on our team. Due to the tight time plan, it was more important than ever that from day one we worked as a joint team together. This was one of the key success factors for the project. I have never seen such a dedicated client team – they put all of their creativity and energy into this project and we at Ascend supported them with structure and guidance. 

At first glance, IT strategy can seem like an activity far away from a successful fashion designer, but at Odd Molly they realized it is part of their future success.”

// Johanna Häägg, Manager  


“I worked at an assignment in Norway during a ten-week period where we succeeded in building a good and collaborative team with the client. The result was a successful iterative work process as well as a smooth implementation and hand-over of a new pricing model with related procedures and tools.”

// Ulrika Lonaeus, Senior Consultant


“During the year, I’ve mainly been involved with the same client. However, the tasks have shifted over time. We’re currently wrapping up one project and initiating another. Seeing all the work we’ve put into the first project finally materialize is obviously very satisfying. At the same time, the additional responsibility I take on in the new project adds a new dimension to my personal development.”

// Stefan Lundman, Senior Consultant


“I have been involved in many projects this year, and I value something from each and every one of them. If I were to mention anything specific, I would say our support to start-ups within a clean tech incubator. In these projects, Ascend is helping entrepreneurs to build their business model, financial structure, go-to-market strategy and much more, which is inspiring and also contributes to a more sustainable future.” 

// Daniel Töcksberg, Senior Consultant

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