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Ascend doing good together with Quizrr

17 September, 2019

As part of the “Ascend Doing Good” initiative, Ascend carried out a project pro-bono for Quizrr during the spring of 2019

Quizrr is a Swedish start-up that strengthens the rights of factory workers in emerging markets through education and trainings, in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The customers are often global brands that want to take responsibility and ensure fair conditions throughout their supply chain. Currently, close to 400 factories and suppliers in Bangladesh, China, and other countries are with Quizrr. Read more at

This whole project was part of a series of pro-bono projects where Ascend provided knowledge, expertise, and experience to companies that in one way or another contributes to a fair and more sustainable society. The project was led and driven by our more junior colleagues, which yielded an additional benefit: an opportunity for them to practice their project management skills!

The starting point for the project was that Quizrr wanted to improve their sales capabilities, and more specifically come up with a structured way of working to reduce lead times for closing deals. Ascend’s approach was first to conduct several interviews with people from various parts of the organization to get a thorough understanding of the sales process. The sales process was documented and analyzed, and we could identify a few bottlenecks which increased lead times unnecessarily. Once the pain points had been identified, a number of workshops were done together with the management team from Quizrr in order to come up with ways to mitigate these bottlenecks.

The result was a slightly re-worked sales process, as well as a method for segmenting and prioritizing Quizrr’s customers. All in all, the project was a success. Both for Quizrr who improved their way of working with sales, and for the Ascend team who received a lot of valuable experience. The biggest learnings were to not get too attached to a solution idea, but rather learn how to iterate and pivot the solution, and the importance of close collaboration together with the client in order to arrive at the desired results!

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