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Ascend doing good together with Jobbentrén

29 August, 2019

As part of the “Ascend Doing Good” initiative, Ascend carried out a project pro-bono for Jobbentrén during the spring of 2019.

Jobbentrén is a company that works to get newcomers in Sweden employed. Through a thorough process, they match stars with companies that need employees. All along, Jobbentrén supports both the employee and the employer to make the employment as successful as possible. To read more, visit Jobbentrén started its business in 2016 and has since then helped over 90 stars into employment. But as for many start-ups, they felt there was a need to look through their processes and see if there was anything that could be done in a smoother way so that they could help more stars becoming employees.

This is where Ascend could help! We scoped the project to include the sales process, where we then started by mapping it to get the full picture of the operations, the business and the people at Jobbentrén. By mapping the sales process, we got the idea of how things worked today and what the perceived pitfalls were. After having done the mapping, we started investigating how to improve the process. What were the critical activities in the sales process? This resulted in a workshop, where we together with all employees at Jobbentrén came together to focus the sales initiatives for the coming year. Further, we helped Jobbentrén identify how to carry through those initiatives by mapping what was needed to be done.

The results were fantastic, for all of us! Jobbentrén got several identified initiatives that they were able to start rolling out the next day. Also, the team got strengthened by coming together, realizing the potential of their business. The Ascend team learned a lot, realizing how complex sales could be even though the company is small. Ascend Accelerate got to practice on how to lead and manage a series of interviews as well as a workshop, which was a great experience for everyone involved. After the project was finished, we all agreed that the success factor was the tight cooperation between the team from Jobbentrén and the Ascend team. It was a win-win situation all along!

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