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Ascend doing good together with Help to Help

4 May, 2020

"Getting an external perspective on our way of working and the challenges but also the possibilities we have, was very valuable. Ascend were professional, structured, relevant, and fun to work with. Being a small start-up minded organization, we value the fast pace, the hands-on methodology and the "no bullshit" straight forward delivered analysis from Ascend. We have already started to transform our operations in line with their recommendations."

Malin Cronqvist, Founder

Help to help is a Swedish crowdfunding charity organization founded in 2010 by Malin Cronqvist. The organization is based on the idea that, a doctor sent from Sweden will be able to treat a few hundred people during the time spent on field, while a local doctor can treat thousands of people during his or her professional life. This applies for all sorts of occupations, where funding higher educations for young people causes a ripple effect as these people after their graduation will give back to society and provide for their families.

In Tanzania and Uganda, where Help to Help is present, it is vital for the countries to develop a long-term effect and become more independent. To set this into perspective, Tanzania has a population of 56 million people with 2 200 educated doctors. In comparison, Sweden with its population of 10 million people have 54 300 doctors. Higher education is fundamental for the development of these countries to create better life quality for the people.

As a charity organization, Help to Help puts emphasis on low administrative costs and efficient internal processes. Since the organization was founded ten years ago, it has grown to become a well-known organization with both philanthropists and companies supporting and donating money. With growth comes complexity, and a need to develop both internal processes and how to find and work with donors. Ascend was brought in, to analyze and refine Help to Help’s internal processes pro bono. The analysis covered areas such as how to find new company donors, how to deliver value to donors and how to make donors donate again. The aim was to streamline the use of internal resources and at the same time ensure a successful and valuable delivery to existing donors.

Help to Help was presented with three focus areas for improvement. As a first area for improvement, Ascend proposed a way to classify and structure different donor segments. Ascend also proposed new guidelines on how to adjust the offering depending on the size of the donation and the time frame for the commitment. As a last recommendation, Help to Help was given a suggestion on how to prioritize activities in the delivery to the donors to increase efficiency in internal operations.

With less time spent on administrative tasks, Malin and the other committed people at Help to Help can spend more time on what really matters - promoting positive development by providing funds to higher educations for young adults.

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