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Business Technology

Digital transformation by embracing modern technologies

More than ever, modern technologies are disrupting existing business models and creating new revenue opportunities by enabling values fundamental for modernization: productivity, flexibility, profitability, sustainability and quality. This transformation is often referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” or Industry 4.0

Staying ahead in Industry 4.0

To remain in the game, change through continuous improvement isn’t enough. With high-paced innovation in the market driven by companies that capitalize on innovative technology, new standards are increasing competition and creating new customer demands.

To innovate and adapt quickly to changes in the market, scalable and adaptive technology architecture and the ability to leverage data are fundamental. And to get there, many companies have large-scale needs for new technology or for transforming their entire business, and in many cases, both this development leads most tech-dependent companies to invest time and money in building capabilities to improve business responsiveness and agility.

We believe companies should plan for digital transformation by embracing modern technologies, and that business technology plays a crucial role in the businesses of the future. Excelling in business technology involves so much more than just a change of tools or technological devices – delivery practices, collaboration structures, reporting relationships, information sharing, customer interaction and even competition also need to be transformed.

Depend on proven experience and expertise

We have broad experience working with business transformation in general and business tech transformation in particular. Here is a selection of the types of business transformation support we can offer:   

  • Infrastructure & cloud: We formulate business cases and strategies, drive optimization initiatives of platform and application hosting, and implement networking and identity solutions to enable efficient operations and modern ways of working.
  • Cybersecurity: We design and establish the organization, technology and routines needed to prevent cyber-attacks, data breaches and identify theft.
  • Business technology organization: We define and implement an organization that delivers technology to meet internal and external user needs.
  • Data & analytics: We help companies unlock the value of data and enable decision-making by combining disparate sources of data and establishing processes and technology.
  • Intelligent automation: We work together with our clients to formulate strategies and drive initiatives to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation technologies to increase speed and efficiency.
  • Digital transformation: We execute and implement necessary changes and improvements to achieve business and financial goals.

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