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Business Simulations

Ascend Business Simulations create long-lasting, impactful change

The complexity around us is constantly growing. It requires attention to learning and building new capabilities to manage the ever-changing landscape that organizations face today.

Ascend Business Simulation is a high-paced, interactive learning experience that addresses this need. By working in small teams on simulated real-life cases, we accelerate learning and empower participants to meet the challenges of tomorrow head on.  

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The cornerstone of Ascend Business Simulations is a full understanding of the skills that need to be improved and practicing them interactively. For us, experience-based training focused on real-life cases that challenge our clients wins over book learning and lectures every time. By making learning engaging, interactive and experience-based, we can reach the next-level of desired behavior and boost confidence in companies.  

Each simulation starts with thoroughly examining the needs of the organization. Together with the client, through a series of interviews, workshops and other interactions, we create a picture of the capability, expertise and organizational gaps to address in the simulation. With this as a starting point, we work with the company to craft tailored scenarios to use as cases in the simulation. Through a combination of role-play, feedback sessions and teamwork, we create a learning environment vastly different than what most people have experienced. 

Each simulation lasts for two to three days during which participants remain in a “bubble” with as few distractions as possible. This is essential to create a realistic feeling and fast track through a business situation while maintaining participants’ full attention. Naturally, prior to the event, participants are prepared adequately to ensure the best possible experience. During the simulation, they work in small teams to resolve critical business issues, interact with stakeholders, participate in meetings and negotiate with “customers” or “suppliers.” This takes place in a fictitious yet realistic training environment where senior employees play the role of stakeholders, providing feedback and sharing knowledge. After the simulation, follow-up includes post-simulation activities to ensure embedment and long-lasting learning.  

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