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Business Simulations

Getting a global sales organization ready for the challenges of tomorrow

In order to meet a rapidly changing business environment, Ericsson needed to enhance the skills and capabilities within the sales force. Therefore, Ascend designed and delivered a sales simulation where the participants practised their value-creation and negotiation skills in a realistic environment, receiving coaching and feedback from senior executives and Ascend experts.

For us, it’s about taking the next level from traditional learning to experiential learning where you have to demonstrate your abilities in front of everyone else. It’s better that they get to do the trial and error in that environment rather than in front of a customer. The biggest challenge of any training or learning interaction is creating that stickiness. You learn something, but will that mean you automatically also change behaviour? With a simulation where you actually have to demonstrate your skills and learnings is a really good way of creating that stickiness.

Sven-Åke Damgaard, VP, Head of Sales Excellence 

Petter Lundgren


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