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Delivering high-value services by modernizing an IT operating model

Processes aligned with value streams, a centralized service model, and redefined roles delivered precise services and responsibilities, resulting in optimized and valuable outcomes.

There are a lot of challenges running an IT operating model successfully at large enterprise IT organizations. Ascend designed a modern IT operating model and executed the transformation by conducting thorough analyses and identifying challenges. As a result, the project resulted in improved abilities to deliver high value services.

Removing the blockers to performance and putting in the groundwork for excellence.

Johan Åström, Project Lead

A large enterprise IT organization experienced challenges related to its IT operating model. This caused low-value output from the delivered services. With challenge areas ranging from lacking financial control and unclear service catalogues to inadequate governance models and vague role descriptions, Ascend supported the client’s IT Operating model Design & Transformation. 

Ascend facilitated a workshop series in a modern, inclusive setting where vital internal stakeholders contributed. As a result, the journey accelerated toward the wanted state and its needed solutions by getting a common understanding of the current state early in the process. Four key areas were used as guiding pillars in the workshops, which helped pinpoint the operational model’s challenges and enabled solutions to emerge. 

  1. Value streams – Start viewing services as flows of value 
  2. Service model – Centralizing and defining clear services brings higher service control and greater customer outcomes
  3. Roles – Redefining roles and responsibilities deliver a clear value in the right places
  4. Processes – Aligning processes supports lean value streams and high-end services

As the areas helped define strategic improvements to reduce the risks and challenges, the organization set up a transformation program and set their minds toward change. With processes aligned with value streams, it was possible to convert unclear solutions to customers’ high-value services. Additionally, a centralized service model and redefined roles delivered clear services and responsibilities, resulting in optimized and valuable outcomes.

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Johan Åström


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