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Cloud strategy to accelerate consumer product digitalization

A global manufacturing company was in an early stage of its journey to cloud, where they needed to align and formalize a common strategic direction. Ascend helped the customer with a company-wide cloud strategy and a high-level execution roadmap for the cloud adoption – providing a mutually agreed way forward for their continued cloud adoption.

Ascend designed a cloud strategy and supported in the cloud adoption

Like many others, the client had started exploring cloud technologies un-coordinated in various places in the organization. At the same time, their IT was delivered from multiple sources; their own data centres, partner-managed data centres, and several public cloud providers with Microsoft Azure as the primary vendor. Some initial work had been done to set up a structure for cloud usage, for example, establishing a cloud billing model. However, the client experienced difficulties in terms of realizing the real potentials of utilizing public cloud. We have seen that many organizations experience this type of challenge in the early stages of their cloud adoption journey. But how do you make your cloud adoption take off from here?

Ascend was asked to develop a cloud strategy that would enable efficient usage and realize the values with public cloud while preventing sub-optimization across the organization.

Ascend believes it is important to quickly get a good overview of the current situation when approaching this kind of project, so Ascend immediately adopted an iterative way of working together with key stakeholders. The next step was to investigate the present circumstances regarding public cloud usage and the opportunities and challenges with cloud adoption. From there, we could identify the key strategic questions in terms of public cloud and capture the areas where there was a need for further clarification. 

Together with the stakeholders in the client organization and our IT consulting sister company Ionic, Ascend developed the client’s cloud strategy – with target definition, alignment to the business strategy and guiding principles for cloud. Together with our formulated high-level execution roadmap, the strategy became important pillars in driving the continued movement to cloud.

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